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Pokemon Proxy Cards

The rarest Pokemon card prices continue to rise, especially for original prints and shadowless cards. A 1st edition Charizard, for example, is one of the most expensive Pokemon cards and can sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The limited edition Pikachu Illustrator card was recently acquired by YouTube star Paul Logan for over $5m.

Even less coveted characters are still outside the price point of the average player or collector. 

However, with Pokemon proxies, you can build an awesome collection or deck for a fraction of the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pokemon is one of the most popular franchises in the world. It is based on a fictional world where Trainers catch, collect, train, and interact with creatures called Pokemon. The franchise was founded in 1996 as a partnership between Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creature.

The Pokemon franchise has led to video games, movies, tv shows, and of course collectible trading cards.

Within the Pokemon universe there are numerous regions including: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh/Hisui, Unova, Kalos, Alola, and Galar. 

Pokemon is the most popular trading card game in the world, outperforming MTG by a significant margin. Over 43 billion cards have been produced. The TCG debuted in Japan in 1996 and was introduced in the United States in 1999. It was originally published in the USA by Wizards of the Coast – the company that creates Magic: the Gathering. Eventually the Pokemon company took back the rights to publish it themselves.

The game represents epic Pokemon battles between two trainers. 

These days, the cards are collected more often than actually played. However, there is still a loyal fanbase of Pokemon card players.

A proxy card is a ‘stand in’ card for an original Pokemon card. Proxies are very useful for collectors and players alike. 

A common reason that people may buy pokemon proxy cards is because the original cards are out of reach in terms of price. For example first edition Pokemon cards can cost thousands of dollars. 

Another reason to buy proxies is to use in gameplay so your original cards don’t get damaged or bent. 

Finally, pokemon proxy cards allow playtesting without needing to invest in or purchase cards before knowing if they will work in a deck.

The rarest Pokemon card (and the most valuable) is the Pikachu Illustrator card. Only 10 copies of the card were produced. A mint gem copy of the card was famously purchased by Logan Paul for a record $5.275 million. 

Among regular released cards, the First Edition Shadowless Charizard is the most valuable. A mint gem copy can fetch over $400k.

The black symbol in the bottom corner of a Pokemon card denotes its rarity: a circle is common, a diamond is uncommon, and a star is rare. Most of the time a star is black, however an alternate color star such as gold or silver means the card is ultra rare. Holographic Pokemon cards are more rare than normal cards.

Possibly. If you have vintage cards in great condition, they could be worth something. Likewise, modern cards of high rarity and sought after characters may be worth money.

We recommend 1st Edition Shadowless Holographic Cards. They are some of the most desirable Pokemon cards ever printed. If you are looking for modern cards check out VMax rares.

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